The Sun Without The Naked Earth

What would the clouds be,
without the winds that move their heart?
The waves without the moon,
a frozen sky,
The sun without the naked earth,
he kisses with lips of light?
What would man be,
without love?

by Shenaz Wahid

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Holding the wind

I hold you in my heart lightly my love,
as the fields before me now hold the wind.
I am still without your breeze.
You make me Dance.
You are essential to my existence,
but love you as I may.
I have no reins with which to tie you to me.
No my Beloved, I set you free.
I let you go, not because you mean so little,
but because you mean so much.
My Everything.My Dance.

I let my heart ride upon this wind.
For we are held by the same thing.
The earth spinning within its grand Universe.
A Universe which has love at its core,
which has my faith.
That gave birth to the milky way and to us.
And when it wills,
we will dance for eternity.
Until that moment, I hold you as the wind.