The Sun Without The Naked Earth

What would the clouds be,
without the winds that move their heart?
The waves without the moon,
a frozen sky,
The sun without the naked earth,
he kisses with lips of light?
What would man be,
without love?

by Shenaz Wahid

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Sun & moon

The moon is the night skies sun, And the sun, the moon of daybreak, Both circles of eternity shining over all we do and silently speaking to us, of who we are.

If I were to dream the worst

If I were to dream the worst,
Perhaps it is far better to fall and die in the abyss of the mountain I love, than from the flames of the volcano my heart never intended to conquer.

For to reach that abyss, I would have still felt the the strength of the mountains, the quiet of the forests, the light of the stars, the flow of the streams that become a waterfall after having coursed through their journey’s length. I would have seen many traveler’s faces, kissed many stones, let the fishes swim inside me and allowed the sun to make rainbows on my body.


The new moon’s voice

I am not afraid anymore, to be a beginner just beginning
I have done this many times now,
having died to be reborn endlessly.
You love me when I am whole and shining,
but perhaps if I was not feeble as I am now,
I would lose that charm for which you yearn.

That circle that speaks to you your own truth,
unending and still beginning.
I may seem alone, a lost fragment,
but it is the sun that shines and lives through me.
There is so much hidden of me,
for the sun to embrace in its bosom of light.

And I will embrace my many deep hollow scars,
fearlessly as I keep growing.
So that when I am whole illuminated,
you do not forget the beauty of imperfection.
I am not afraid anymore, to be a beginner just beginning.
For He grants me permission to start again.